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Hi! I’m James, author of writemem.co.uk and presenter of YouTube channel writememTV – thank you for visiting, I hope you find it useful.

James Else – WriteMem

I work as a Network and Telephony Manager working for a leading mobile platform hire business; with operations in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. In my career I have worked as a network engineer for a large US clothing retailer with a global footprint, and spent the best part of 10 years as a systems engineer with a heavy networking focus in the UK business-to-business utilities sector.

Let me tell you a little about the blog, and why I’m here on your screen with my gigantic thumb. Quite simply I use this site to my opinion on industry news, and guides on the network technologies that interest me. Sometimes I just post stuff I have been working on that I’d like to keep around for nostalgia!

I also have a YouTube channel writememTV where I run through configuration in a lab environment, so check it out too.

So here I am, ready to share the things that I’ve learned. I hope you find it useful!